2017 LAYAWAY OPTION for Tax Preparation

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Listing is for the 2017 Personal Income Tax Preparation layaway option. With this option you can pay for your entire tax preparation fee in small manageable chunks of $20 a week for 12 weeks before your return is prepared. There is NO additional form fees with this option. Your complete return no matter how many forms and schedules will be $240.
This includes efile and direct deposit to your bank account if applicable.

After clicking "Buy Now" you will need to count out 12 weeks from your date of purchase and go to the Calendar to book your Appointment date and time between your 12th week payment date and April 15th. If your 12th week falls before January 28th the first date open to you for selection is January 28th. Please select 2 consecutive 1 hour time slots.

At the bottom of your receipt for this purchase will be the instant download of the 2017 Client Engagement and Data Packet.This packet is required to be uploaded into your portal along with your supporting documents 72 HOURS before your appointment date and time.
You will need to provide me with a 4 digit code to create access to your secure portal. Please include this in the "add instructions to seller" portion. If you are a returning client this is not needed, as your portal is still active. The packet contains all the information you will need to have your return completed.

Want a breakdown of how all this works? Visit HOW A TAX PREPARATION APPOINTMENT WORKS
The only difference is you will not get a final invoice and no second payment.