Business Startup Consult

Image of Business Startup Consult

Struggling with your actual business set up? Have you been selling for a while and now realize you need to do a little bit more than set up an etsy page? Paradyme Financial Solutions to the rescue!!

This consult is for state specific step by step instructions on where to go, and how to register your business for any entity type. If you are struggling in which type of entity to pick, you will also get information to help you make an informed decision on how each type will affect you tax wise. Also included is sales tax, business property (sometimes called franchise or business excise tax), and even can be drilled down to the county/city level for additional registration requirements for your business.

When you purchase this link, the bottom of your emailed receipt will contain a link to a questionnaire you must fill out and have back to Paradyme Financial Solutions at least 48 hours before your scheduled meeting time. Failure to return the questionnaire in the proper time allotment will result in a $50 reschedule fee.

Meeting times are Wednesday through Friday, 1PM-3 PM and 7PM-9PM. You will be scheduled a 30 minute time slot. Meetings are scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance to give time for the questions and research. You will be contacted via the email given when purchasing the listing.