Sales Tax Zip Code Workbook Subscription by State

Image of Sales Tax Zip Code Workbook Subscription by State

Online store systems like Shopify, BigCartel, etc often require you to enter your sales tax rates for every individual zip code. This can be tiresome and tedious, but is unfortunately required by law for some specific states (called "Destination" states). We're here to help with our State Sales Tax Zip Code Workbook!

Each quarter can bring new rate updates if a county or jurisdiction votes a new rate change. With this yearly subscription when your state has updates to the sales tax rates you will receive an update email with a NEW workbook with the changes highlighted.

Each state contains:
- All zip codes within that state
- The state sales tax rate
- Any applicable county rates
- Any applicable special rates

Please list which state you are subscribing to in the NOTES section at checkout. Your chosen state's file will be emailed to the email address you provide during checkout. Most emails arrive within 48 hours - please contact us if you did not get your email.

Do you have a Nexus in more than 1 state? Use code MULTISTATE at checkout to receive a 15% discount on the purchase of more than 1 state subscription.

NOTE: This subscription is YEARLY. It is non-refundable in the event your state does not have changes every quarter, or if there are no changes at all.
By purchasing this listing you are opting in to receive at least 1 email, and up to 4 emails a year from Paradyme Financial Solutions Inc.
If you would rather purchase only ONE quarter of rates for $15 that listing can be found here: Sales Tax Zip Code Workbook By State